Just like Innocent

Innocent fled Congo and found safety in America, but he had no way of taking care of his family once he got here. Through Goodwill’s Retail and Customer Service Training Program, he got a job. Every day, people just like Innocent find work though Goodwill.

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“I love to see people who want to change their lives. We give them the tools to do that.”

BG, vice president of Job Training and Education at Goodwill Seattle, sees potential in all people. That’s because she was just like Innocent when she was a girl, in need of support and guidance from others to find her way.

Coaches, teachers and mentors helped BG realize her worth, and she does the same for people at Goodwill, each and every day.

This winter, we want to change 230 lives in Seattle. So far, we’ve helped 187 people. Please join us today and help us surpass our winter goal.

$75 could pay for classroom reading materials for 30 students. $150 could provide two students with transportation to class for the 9-week class.

Thanks for your donation. You’ll help other people just like Innocent reach their full potential through work.